1000 Words Photography Magazine
Founded in 2008, 1000 Words is an online magazine dedicated to contemporary art photography in the UK and beyond. It publishes in-depth exhibition and photobook reviews, essays, interviews and multimedia alongside carefully curated imagery, often around a particular theme.  Its commitment is to showcase portfolios of lesser-known but significant photographers alongside established practitioners in the aim of bringing their work to a wider audience. Diverse in terms of subjects, concepts, styles and techniques, yet always foregrounding the subjectivity of documentary and art photography, 1000 Words intends to explore the limits and possibilities of the medium. 1000 Words is widely considered to be one of the most exciting spaces to engage with photography outside of the conventional outlet of galleries, books and print magazines. Now on its sixteenth “issue”, 1000 Words attracts approximately 140,000 unique visitors from more than 120 countries every month.
Website: www.1000wordsmag.com

Daniel Augschöll

Ahorn Magazine
Ahorn Magazine is an online publication about contemporary photography, founded in 2008 by Daniel Augschoell and Anya Jasbar, with nine issues at its credit. Ahorn Magazine is dedicated to highlighting the work of emerging photographers, showcasing up to four photographic series in each issue. Ahorn is also an important platform for original written content, presenting interviews, essays, book reviews and more. In 2010 Ahorn Magazine was nominated by European Photography as one of the most interesting international photography magazines.
Website: www.ahornmagazine.com

Die Böhm
»Die Böhm« is a Foto-Fanzine published by Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber since 1999. Each issue is the juxtaposition of two different bodies of work, one each by Stuke and Sieber, under a single collective title. Both photographers are concerned primarily with issues surrounding portraiture, the mediated image, the expressions of self-identity influenced by popularculture, in particular youth sub-cultures. (Darius Himes, Photobookreview, 2012)
Die Böhm is published three times a year.
Website: www.boehmkobayashi.de

Tim Clark

GUP Magazine
GUP is an international photography magazine distributed to 26 countries worldwide, and an online platform viewed by over hundred nationalities on a daily basis. Within eight years GUP has become an authority on (art)photography with a network of literally hundreds of internationally renowned photographers.
Website: www.gupmagazine.com

Foam Magazine
Foam Magazine is an award-winning, international photography magazine. Published quarterly around a unique theme, Foam Magazine contains eight portfolios each printed on different specialty paper, numerous interviews, and a diverse selection of photobook reviews. The magazine is a platform for every aspect of photography from documentary to fashion, from contemporary to historical, and from world famous photographers to young talents. (Quelle: foam.org)
Website: www.foam.org

Regine Ehleiter
Regine Ehleiter studied cultural studies, art history and journalism at the University of Leipzig and the University of East London, UK. As a founding member of the D21 art space in Leipzig, she organized among others the exhibition "Thanks For Sharing!" and a symposium on Artzines. She is currently working as an assistant curator at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden.

Susanne Holschbach
Susanne Holschbach is an art and media historian and currently teaches as a guest professur at the UDK (Universität der Künste, Berlin). She worked as a lecturer and guest lecturer at several art academies and universities (Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, University of Vienna). Her research and teaching focuses on history and theory of photography, especially on photography in relation to art, gender and visual culture.

Anya Jasbar

Peter Bas Mensink

Katja Stuke und Oliver Sieber

Friedrich Tietjen
Friedrich Tietjen studied chemistry, history of art and german philology in Bremen, Hamburg, Vienna and Trier; taught courses in cultural studies, history of art and history of photography in Vienna, London, Leipzig, Krems and Brussels; published on photography, reproduction of art, fashion, radio theory and packaging; lives in Leipzig.